An argument against giving placebo drugs to children during clinical trials

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Placebo in clinical trials

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Placebo Therapies: Are They Ethical?

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Using Placebos in Research

Rather than giving a placebo, doctors should aim to enhance effective treatments with placebo effects by giving the patient more time, attention, and confidence," she wrote.

Double-blind, placebo-controlled trials became the gold standard in clinical research. In these sorts of trials, neither the patients nor the researchers know who is getting a placebo until the end of the study.

The Orphan Drug Act: (A)Facilitates the development of drugs for rare diseases (B)Facilitates the development of drugs for children (C)Facilitates the development of drugs for almost eradicated diseases (D)None of the above. Probably the chief argument against the third-world AZT studies is that in using a placebo (non-treatment) group, some of the subjects were deprived of an effective treatment that could have prevented many babies from being infected with HIV.

6 Clinical trials in children Vincent Yeung Ethics and recruitment issues Evidence-based medicine and healthcare are the pillar of optimal medical care.

Most equivalence trials require more participants than placebo-controlled trials, an argument that has been used against them. Because placebo-controlled trials involve fewer subjects, they tend to be completed more quickly, and any resulting treatment is made available sooner (Levine ).

An argument against giving placebo drugs to children during clinical trials
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