An argument against the prosecution of child soldiers

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Child Soldiers Should Be Prosecuted

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For instance, many believe that child soldiers are mere replicas of child criminals; child criminals are prosecuted. Over the course of the past decades child soldiers have been responsible for some of the most brutal acts in wartime, such as rape, mutilation and mass killings of innocent civilians.

estimatedchild soldiers currently participating in armed conflict around the world,2 children are undoubtedly responsible for numerous deaths, rapes, mutilations, and other crimes. However, the international community has failed to set an age at which these children can be held legally responsible for their actions.

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Falchetta said it was “difficult to provide an empirical judgement on that [Lubanga’s ICC prosecution being a deterrent]”, and rather that accountability needed to be enforced at the national state level to discourage the continued use of child soldiers. The reason to recruit child soldiers is the lack of strict international laws regarding it.

The international human rights law is vague, on the issue of prosecution of child soldiers. Even arguably the most important international human rights law, the Geneva Conventions does not talk about the prosecution of child soldiers. Child Soldier Essay Examples.

3 total results. The Issue of Child Warrior in Africa and Around the World. 3, words. 8 pages.

“Analysis: Should child soldiers be prosecuted for their crimes?,” IRIN News, 6 Oct. 2011

An Argument Against the Prosecution of Child Soldiers. words. 2 pages.

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An argument against the prosecution of child soldiers
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IRIN | Should child soldiers be prosecuted for their crimes?