An argument that being gay is a natural thing

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Gay Rights: Choice vs. Nature?

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But the reader shows us that sexuality has a critical basis: Conservatives especially, have a highly moral sense of work against homosexuality. There is an argument that everything is natural. Everything that happens always happens because God wants it to happen.

If a person is gay, God wants him to be gay. Essentially, you can still argue from bigotry without religion (although religion is the primary encouragement for the bigotry).

Is homosexuality a natural thing?

So the non religious arguments are the same as those that were used against interracial marriage, all rooted in disgust at anybody being different:. Homosexuality Is Natural.


posted by Aaron Jackson September 10, It is often argued that homosexuality or bisexuality are not normal, or not natural, and that they have no place on this Earth.

Being gay or bisexual should not be considered as immoral or criminal by itself, especially when considering the statistics of hate crimes. Is it unnatural to be gay? 60% Say Yes 40% Say No Here we go.

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Lets say everyone turns gay. I see a lot of people saying that being gay is natural because over animals species have a few gay animals. However, what's also natural among animals much more common than homosexuality is incest. Pedophiles have targeted both sexes so by.

Being gay is something natural. Evidence from ancient times proved its existence in every society we know of. In ancient Greece, it was normal for men to have relationships with other men. Being rooted in human nature, natural law is universal and immutable.

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It applies to the entire human race, equally. It commands and forbids consistently, everywhere and .

An argument that being gay is a natural thing
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An argument that being gay is a natural thing