Arguments in favor of the electoral

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For echelons against the Electoral College, go here.

Electoral College (United States)

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Newly appointed Yale Law School Dean Heather Gerken, who is also a leading federalism scholar, has an interesting interview on the future of progressive federalism in Commonwealth Over the long run, your power as an individual voter is greater in a divided election than in a direct election.

See this page for an explanation. President Donald Trump has made at least separate arguments about the Russia investigation. The fundamental concern with the Electoral College is its representational unreliability; i.e., the risk that the electoral vote will contradict the popular vote.

The primary purpose of this section is to show that the EC's representational unreliability is a direct consequence of our undersized House of Representatives.

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The Electoral Commission was a temporary body created on January 29, by the United States Congress to resolve the disputed United States presidential election of Democrat Samuel J. Tilden and Republican Rutherford B. Hayes were the main contenders in the election. Tilden won electoral votes—one vote shy of the needed to win—to Hayes'swith 20 electoral votes from.

Let’s start with the basics: In presidential races, each state has electoral votes equal to the number of its House representatives plus two for its senators.

Arguments in favor of the electoral
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